Vastu: channelize your home's energy

10 MARCH 2017
Vastu-Shastra is the science of architecture that groups a set of rules for placement of everything in relation to this earth. Vastu has been around in our lives from centuries. It comes with a set of principles that makes your home and life peaceful and blessed. The particular arrangement that Vastu follows is based on directional set up, architecture and design of your home and these guidelines are applied during the construction phase. This study brings in positive energy providing you with a happy and healthy life.

But there are still a lot many tips and tricks to reorganize your home decor and make your house go Vastu compliant.

Start from the place of worship as it is an integral part of an Indian home. Some may not believe in the ideas of Vastu, but, for something holy like a temple, the flow of energy palpably needs to be appraised and tuned. There isn’t much fuss here; just a few simple steps for the positive energy to flow into your home. Based on Vastu shastra for home, the rooms of worship, prayer and meditation should be in the north-east area of the house. They can also be in the north or the east area. While worshipping, one should face the East, and idols should not exceed 6 inches in height. An ideal position would be one where you face east or west while praying and it is advised that one should not sleep in the same room as a place of worship.

Another well-known Vastu solution is that the bed should be placed in such a way that the headboard is towards the south or the west while sleeping, always avoiding to sleep with their head towards the north. Family members should avoid taking meals in the bedroom as doing so is believed to cause ill-health, especially if they eat while sitting on the bed. Keeping divine idols in bedrooms should be avoided. If the house has over one floor, then the master bedroom should be on the top-most floor, and the ceiling should be level and unbroken. This maintains a uniform energy through the room, which gives one a steady state of mind. Basic Vastu remedies advise that children’s rooms should be in the north-west or the west and, for higher levels of concentration; they should have a separate study close to their bedrooms. Study table should be kept in the North or East side of the room as it will help in concentration and garnering better results.

An ideal direction to place the furniture is West or South direction and the best shapes for the furniture include square or rectangular, while unbalanced shapes like circle, triangle or oval should be avoided. Dining table in the kitchen, living or dining room should be placed in the north-west direction. To keep the positive energy always flowing properly without obstruction, the furniture should be kept at least 3 inches away from the wall and it is advisable to never keep them exposed to any type of clutter as it summons in negativity.

Wealth and cash should be stored in the north, which means you should be facing north when storing or retrieving cash, and jewelry should be kept facing the south as it’s said to increase the wealth. If you plan to keep plants at home, it is suggested that you avoid thorny plants like cacti, and avoid growing plants along the north and east walls. The main gate of the house should have two panels. The main door on the outer side should not open inside the house, and the doors in the house should not creak. The bathroom should ideally be located in the east or in the north-west, but never in the north-east. The wash basin should be mounted on the eastern wall of the bathroom and the geyser should be installed in the south-east corner.