The Legacy of Ascon Realty
Since 1995

‘Ascon’ mind of Surat real estate excels in beautifying its creation on the skyline teleporting you to the summit of the eighth sky, every time you steal a glance of its exquisite architecture.

‘Ascon Realty’ is focused on creating a highly nurturing environment for people to grow in the essence of luxurious and comfortable homes that maximizes the returns of the investors as well as work in the interest of end-users.

A Firm Devoted to Build Luxurious Flats that Dominate the Current Vogue

The elegant quest for supreme quality and a customer-focused approach have enabled ‘Ascon’ to become leading builders in Surat/Vesu with every endeavour made towards innovation for over three overwhelming decades.

The exclusive planning and the mastered co-ordination of the materials and technology is the soul-strength of ‘Ascon’ to build luxurious apartments in Surat that are ahead of the times! Fortified foundation enriched with picturesque architecture; result in pragmatic aspects of premium flats in Surat/Vesu.

Designing the future of Modern Architecture

The journey of thousand miles begin with Our First Step as a textiles trading firm ‘Geeta Tex’, in the year 1979 at J.J. Textile Market, Surat. But the best shot happened with establishment of 'Ascon Realty' as the leading builder in Surat/Vesu with real estate investment opportunity in Surat taking a hike!

The group entered the real estate sector in the era of mid 90’s as ‘Ascon Group of Developers’ and the accomplishment of monumental projects such as ‘Ascon City’ and ‘Ascon Plaza’ saw its birth in the year 1995, thereby surpassing all the expectations of real estate developers in Surat.

Constructing Arts that speak for themselves

Our promise to affect real change by enhancing opportunities to lead balanced and beautiful lives is certain! The company believes that progress must be achieved in harmony with the environment and is deeply committed to community welfare.

‘Ascon Realty’ has an impressive presence across Surat city with an extremely successful foray of luxurious residential flats in Surat/Vesu following the work ethics that enables a win-win situation for both the stakeholders as well as the residents. The Group is obliged in earning their trust and comfort and keeping it at the pinnacle with zero-doubt in the elevation of its growth since its inception. We wish GODSPEED to our successful relations with valuable lessons in Forever and a day!

Carving out the reflections of your awestruck eyes

Our Mission

The company's undying mission is to exceed expectations made for Quality, Product, Innovation, Technology and Up-Gradation in terms of dwelling. What's more, our interminable statement of faith is our sense of duty regarding clients and the nonstop fulfillment of their beliefs.

Our Vision

To be the pioneer in its product offering and provide unparalleled real estate services to the community.

Our Focus

Durability: A building should stand up robustly and remain in good condition.

Utility: It should be suitable for the purposes for which it is used.

Beauty: It should be the mirror image of the Architect’s heart and hard work.

Why Choose Us?

Intelligent Design - Real Estate Developers in Surat

Intelligent Design

The Blueprints don’t just arise by chance but are created by the mind’s eye of brilliant entities.
Quality Assurance - Real Estate Developers in Surat

Quality Assurance

The desired level of caliber is maintained in the texture of edifices, especially by means of attention to every stage in the establishment.
Professional Approach - Real Estate Developers in Surat

Professional Approach

We develop and deliver solutions ethically to increase productivity and efficiency upholding the trust of clients and stakeholders.
Durable Infrastructure - Real Estate Developers in Surat

Durable Infrastructure

The foundation of every structure is built with permanence by virtue of enduringness and tensile strength.

Real Estate Developers in Surat

Real Estate Developers in Surat