Getting the partea started!

03 JULY 2017
From the times of evolution, we, the social animals, never depended on occasional ceremonies or festivals for socializing. We found various ways to meet the others and mingle every now and then. One of the most famous ways to get-together, that we all love the utmost, is a tea party!

Tea parties are one of the most elegant and enjoyable parties one can throw. The endless conversation and stories over comforting cups of tea and appetizing snacks is something that everyone can enjoy.

Traditional Afternoon Tea is typically served from mid to late afternoon and often includes an assortment of small finger sandwiches, scones or biscuits with variety of sweets and tea.


An assortment of foods, both savoury and sweet can be served. If there is no time to prepare, they can be bought from departmental store or catered from outside. Make it visually appealing by decorating it with edible flowers and fresh herbs and serve them on beautiful plates because it's all about presentation!


If you’re hosting the tea party at your own home, set aside a space to be the designated as a seating area. An outdoor garden can be a wonderful place for this purpose if it’s roomy enough. One can also set up a table on patio or can do it in kitchen.

Plates and bowls:

Set up the table with a nice white table cloth and layout a mixture of decorative plates to set it up. You can grab a matching set or mix and match with a few complementing patterns. This is the time to bring out beautiful tea sets with beautiful prints, floral are the prettiest.


Tea party decorations are simple and elegant with emphasis on tea set and food. To give party the real setting of a conventional tea party, garnish the table with best silver, china, and linen is important. Don't use disposables. Placing an elegant arrangement of flowers at the centre of the table adds a beautiful balance to the table.


The main entertainment in a tea party is the conversation, so its important to make sure the party is conducive to such activity. Play soft, mellow music for a relaxed ambience. But if one feels like having a more energetic tea party, then it's best to prepare a couple of games and fast music to go with it.


Even if the party is just for couple of hours, make sure to give guests fabulous tea party favours as a sweet memento of the party. Some of the most popular tea party favors include personalized tea bags, tea tins, tea infusers, mini tea sets, and tea sachets.

With these key points well noted, you can also offer your guests an assortment of hot and cold teas. Also, as a surprise element try new flavour for teas. Beautifully arrange lemon, orange and lime slices on a platter. You can also include fresh raspberries, strawberries and slices of cool cucumbers. Also, fresh herbs add beautiful fragrance and a refreshing taste. Finally, you are good to start your parTEA!