Add extravagance to your guest room

23 NOVEMBER 2016
Guest room is often the most neglected place in a house. The look is tired by the same old and dull looking piece of furniture, while the rest of the house keeps getting an edited look. There could be a few ways we can keep that look chic yet timeless that does not require a major makeover every once in a while - Casual elegance that lights up the jaded atmosphere.

You could get a little experimental with the guest room while keeping it a little impersonal vis-à-vis your bedroom. A playful mix of finishes, patterns and textures from top to bottom making its way through the entire room is ideal. Rustic accents often add an air of welcoming warmth to the interiors while keeping it neutral. Organic wall coverings are an excellent way to bring natural textures and colours into a room.

Accessorize the room with easily movable or replaceable objects so that one can play around with their placement to give the room a fresh look. A collection of framed artwork and photography simply leaned against the wall or a small table lamp against a glass that reflect the light it emits and adds an instant mood to the ambience – these can be some easy and go-to ways to accessorise your room and are as easy as it sounds.
Create a changeable display of art on top of your entry table. Add on table lamps and make the space look brighter. It always feel good to enter into a brightly lit room, adds onto the warmth of the room. This will add on a sense of drama and grandeur to the entire appearance.

If you are old school and you want to add some midcentury glamour then vintage accents is an excellent way to add one-of-a-kind detail to any space. We suggest you to consider mirrored table lamps from the 1970s. The metallic silver surface offer a glamorous touch; it also adds a fun, disco-era vibe. In addition to adding a cool accent to the space, the reflective surfaces help bounce light around the room.

A reading chair and an easy-going ottoman gives a perfect spot for guests to prop up their tired feet and unwind at the end of the eventful and long day. If you can offer a small balcony or patio that provides comfortable seating where visitors can lay back and watch the sunset or enjoy a nice stretch or nap. The simplest retreat will become the trip's fondest memory.

Your love to host friends and family on the weekends, shouldn’t let your lack of square footage get in the way. A small convertible sofa bed is a simplistic solution to your small-space dilemmas. The guest bedroom transforms into a study or simply a lounging area. The custom cabinet can slide open and transform into a wall-to-wall bookcase for you and a place to store a few things for the visitor. When the guest leaves, simply add a few artefacts to finish the vacant space.

Lastly, add plenty of fresh flowers, plush pillows and fresh linens and aromatic toiletries and your friends and family will never want to checkout.