Bringing in luxury into the living room

21 OCTOBER 2016
Living room is the arterial centre of any home – A space where the entire family comes in together to chew over their daily affairs, a place which is a cocoon to unwind and bond with each other. The space therefore needs to be warm, effortlessly welcoming and soothe everyone’s sensibilities and aesthetic tastes.

When it comes to decorating, it has to look fashionably elegant taking care of intricate details. For instance, crown-molding has the way of making a room look opulent and finished; it brings the ceiling and the walls in alliance, giving them a modish appearance. Lighting at the right places is another factor that makes the entire place glow. There is nothing more sophisticated than chandeliers which add an instant aura to any space. Chandeliers are associated with luxury and fine living and also act as a focal point in the room. If you are the kind who needs a television in the living area, visually minimize the presence of your screen by creating a gallery wall or salon style art arrangement.

Color also plays a huge role and is perhaps the most difficult decisions to make when decorating the room. However, if grandeur is the key, then there are certain tones that add instant glamour to your home. Choose one of the two colour options – bold and dramatic or soft, understated hues. It simply depends on your personality in terms of which option you choose. You just need to choose according to your taste.
A comfortable lounger sofa that gives your home a luxe-look is also a delight to entertain with. Select an interesting textile that gives the room a magnificent custom look. Vintage or antique textiles or throw pillows, seat cushions and the other bespoke pieces make an instant statement. Cushions also add to the comfort factor and offer a cozy, layered feeling to your rooms. Accessorizing is something that comes in the end but makes an impact in the entire look. Think gold - Adding a dash of gold into your living room gives it the royal look, as long as there is not too much gold in one space. Picture frames, gilded mirrors all add into the whole thing of bring in more luxury into your living room! Complete the look with mellow scent wafting in the air and lots of warm vibes and conversations.