Reasons to buy a flat over a bungalow

13 NOVEMBER 2017
Gone are the days when people believed in owning individual property for residing. With changing times the number of reasons to prefer flats over bungalows has increased tremendously. And so without much ado, here are top 6 reasons to consider for buying an apartment over a bungalow.

Check out the major advantages of making a flat, your home:
  • Better security for the family and house, when you are away from home.
    There are families living on the other side of your wall, who will be the first ones to sense if something is off. In most of the criminal cases that were prevented well on time, neighbours had set the alarm to the right authorities. Unlike bungalows, flats bounds different families together like a whole society in itself, hence, making it safer.
  • A well maintained garden and landscaping comes as a perk in apartments.
    While owning a bungalow you alone bear the cost and responsibility of maintaining all the facilities in and around the house. On the contrary, if you live in an apartment, your society or building management takes care of these things, while you spent only one-third of the maintenance charge as compared to living in a bungalow. Talk about a hassle-free living, here you have it.
  • Assorted services of plumber, electrician, janitor etc. are taken care by the management.
    If you have ever lived in a bungalow then you know it is completely on you to mind such needs time to time. Whereas, in building it is as easy as talking to find such services at beck and call.
  • Allotted parking spaces for every flat becomes hassle-free affair for every vehicle owner.
    In an apartment you get allotted space in the society parking to park your vehicle, where it stays safely and soundly. Whereas in an individual property you either have to make a proper garage to keep your vehicles or facilitate security provisions for their safety.
  • Apartments have added value of security, power backup, water systems & fire safety mechanism.
    Living in an apartment is like being a part of systematic society in itself, so it gives one all the facilities that makes the lives simpler to live. Amenities like these, comes as a perk. Added to that, cost of maintenance for flats is relatively a lot lesser than bungalows.
  • Acquiring a home loan is easier for apartments than for an independent property
    The credibility of the flats increases manifold when another bunch of 10-20 families occupy similar ones in the same building. Easier acquirement of home loan also stem from the fact that selling apartments are always easier than selling bungalows. And with lack of space in the city the chances of getting a good resale value, also makes flat an ideal choice for investment as well as for living.