Why Surat could be your perfect home?

14 DECEMBER 2017
With changing lifestyles and fast pacing lives, it has become a huge task to decide where you should settle down, once all the other life aspects are good to go. The city you would spend a major time of your life - working, celebrating, raising a family and growing old, needs to be the best! And considering a multitude of factors, including economic and political environment, infrastructure, public transport, health, recreation and housing, we feel Surat could be your ideal home. Explore some points mentioned below to get a better perspective of the city:
  • Surat is the eighth largest city in India, located in the southern part of the state of Gujarat and stands as the second largest commercial center there. Mainly known for its diamond processing and textile industries, it is popularly called the Manchester of the East. In the year 2008, The Wall Street Journal had claimed that as much as 80% of the world's finished diamonds are cut and polished in Surat. With a high GDP rate & increasing number of migrants, Surat is about to become a smart city, soon
  • A well-connected city, Surat has an efficient transportation system. The infrastructure of Surat is also one of the best in India. The upgraded Surat airport has been envisaged to cater direct air connectivity with the important places in India and abroad. There are also no problems in terms of power in Surat. It has a sophisticated network of power stations and substations. It is also rich in ports and has a well-developed road and rail network
  • Surat has all the necessary natural resources, labor and government backing, which are self-sufficient for the purpose of investing. Its world-class infrastructure and small-scale industries, especially the textile industry, has really made Surat one of the most preferred destinations for investing. Though several global investors have already invested in Surat, a lot more industries in Surat have tremendous potential which needs to be explored. The state of Gujarat, under the Vibrant Gujarat Project, has really made Surat one of the cynosures for foreign investors which should not be overlooked
  • Currently, Surat is experiencing a paradigm shift in the real estate sector and real estate players are coming with more innovative and remarkable projects to meet the need of the buyers and that too at very reasonable rates. Investors are also nowadays investing heavily in real estate sector due to heavy ROI (Return on Investment) compared to gold and silver or mutual funds and the stock market. Real estate investment is safe and secure and has good liquidity. Real estate market is, therefore, booming rapidly due to these smart investment choices
  • The employment rate is more than 90% in Surat and there is a constant demand for skilled professionals and laborers, which attract people to migrate to the city. This not only adds to the diversity of the place but also enriches the deep historical roots that it has. With people with so many different communities come together to live like a family, it stands as the most tolerable and secular city
  • The climate is usually pleasant. The other cities in Gujarat do not have a proper moderate temperature; the summer is too hot and winter is too cold, but in Surat, the temperature is moderate to live and work peacefully. The summer is not too hot, and winter is not too cold. The main reason behind this is the Sea and River Tapi which is surrounded
  • Surat is said to be one of the safest and secure cities in India to live in. The city has live CCTV Surveillance system, approximately 5000 high-quality zooming cameras have been installed in the city. Also, the city has the Number Plate Recognition Sensors installed which results in Fine or E-Challan if you are over-speeding your bike or not wearing a helmet or not wearing the seatbelt while driving the car. The city is ranked last in Crime cases includes rape and murder cases. The women can roam anywhere at night without any worry or fear, on most of the times in the year
  • Although it is only 4 hours away from Mumbai, the financial capital of India, the cost of living in Surat as compared to any metro city is very low and reasonable. Despite having the richest Municipal Corporation in the country, Surat can provide two times meal to the needy in less than Rs. 100. What’s more fascinating is the fact that whatever strata of income group you belong to, you will able to afford a lot of goods and services in the city that is by far, above the essentials