Making balcony a place to unwind

14 DECEMBER 2016
If you are fortunate enough to have a bit of extra space in the way of a balcony in your apartment, let your creative spirit loose! This added square footage is perfect for additional living space, to read a book while relaxing and watching the sunset while cuddling in with a cup of coffee. With so many uses, it is certainly a place that needs to be aesthetically soothing independently and also gels well with the décor inside. Make it a tranquil corner to usher in the morning sunshine or make it a pad to entertain close friends. Either ways personalize it and don’t give in the temptation of making it a quick dumping yard.

Firstly, consider the size and create a fine balance between décor and negative space. Add too much and the space will look overcrowded, don’t add enough and the space could be under-whelming. Having a theme for your space – you can keep it as an extension of your bedroom and add coordinated furniture. This would give a comfortable walk out area that lets the fresh air come in. Add a dash of green with easy to manage plants like pothos in fun planters.
Alternatively, you could convert the balcony deck into a tranquil zen space with greenery and plants as the central theme. Eclectic mix of plants in planters and some accessories can make the space colorful and give it a fresh vibe. Add on some plants, earthen pots that are custom made for an old world charm. Wrap lights along the plants for an evening view that will leave you mesmerized. Add a compact table and chair set for making a cozy dine-out area for serene evenings. Having a coffee table along with the couch adds onto the charm. Consider adding fairy tale lights or solar globes to make those balmy evenings interesting.

You could add a more modern feel that is perfect for get-togethers with your friends. Add a comfortable seating arrangement like a couch with fun pillows and throws which adds a sense of comfort to the entire space. Alternatively, you could also add a custom made or regular bamboo swing. Having a hammock in the balcony is also a great idea. It adds a sense of relaxation and comfort. If you are fan of bohemian chic, allow yourself to be bold and carefree with colour and pattern: mix vibrant pillows, add area rugs and decorate with various exotic souvenirs. If you prefer exotic oriental spaces, add some quirky details, such as Moroccan lamps and Indian glass ornaments. Complete the look by painting the walls in rich, deep colours such as indigo, ochre yellow or burgundy.