7 reasons to buy a spacious home

Surrounded with crowded localities & small apartments in city’s hustle-bustle, space is a luxury and living in a house which lets you breathe is a boon. Imagine coming home to a spacious house where you have a library to pick a book from, a balcony to sit and relax in and a luxurious living room to lounge about. Sounds like bliss right? Roomy, spacious and luxurious can be synonyms if you opt to buy an airy apartment with more than 3 BHK.

Let’s explore some legit reasons to why space should be on the top of your list while picking a home.
  • For Room to Breathe:

    Nothing beats after-work stress like a nice spacious house with good ventilation and a view. Imagine sitting out in the balcony and reciting stories to your happy kids with a beautiful view right before you go to sleep

  • For a Growing Family:

    Whether you’re a single young professional or part of a newlywed couple, there’s always a chance you’ll end up with more family members than you think. If you’re buying a home for the long haul, you’ll want to ensure that you have enough bedrooms to contain a growing family. It’s much easier to make other use of a spare room than to invent an extra bedroom if you end up with one or two more children than you had planned. Even if you don’t have kids, you may end up welcoming other family members into your home for extended periods

  • For Being at Home:

    Celebrating special days of your life at a restaurant with your friends and family is passé. Throwing house parties for your close friends and relaxing in the comfort of your own home while having a great time is the best way to pull an all-nighter

  • For a Healthy Balance:

    Fitness is an important aspect especially with the type of lifestyles we lead. With a busy schedule, finding time to drive down to the gym, or even popping over to the building gym is something that we never end up doing. If you can't go to the gym, get the gym home. A spacious property lets you pursue a healthy routine from the comfort of your own home

  • For Privacy:

    Families in India tend to live together. Large and joint families, although provides the most happening and lively environment to live and grow, sometimes lack of privacy spoils the fun. A spacious house with more rooms can become a boon in such situations and can help in maintaining a spirited balance in the family dynamics

  • For Parking space:

    A common problem in metros is insufficient space which leads to many us parking our cars and automobiles on the street, out in the open. A spacious property not only gives you your own parking space to ensure that your vehicle is safe, but also comes with a lot of amenities that make life all that simpler. These days, most of the well-built societies come with their own gymnasium, clubhouse and more

  • For Outgrowing Limits:

    As you might imagine, small living spaces will limit your options. Whether you want to build out a new media room or just want more luxurious furniture, much of the time living small means living without. Buying a larger home from the start will give you all of the space needed to build your dream home. And over time, you’re far more likely to enjoy living in a home that you can tweak and customize to suit your changing tastes. Don’t forget that extra space can always be put to good use. You can make your own studio out of it and nourish your long-held hobby. It can also be converted into a study or a library to fuel the reader in you. A small indoor play area for kids or a refreshing AV room for leisure is cool idea as well. And if you’re more of an entrepreneurial type, you can start a small business out of one of the spare rooms. Possibilities are endless.