Get house party ready

18 MAY 2017
In the times when stress and the solitude that is followed by it, are the most common lifestyle disorders of all, right socializing can be a saviour for many. With barely enough time to spare for ourselves, taking time out to catch up with others could be a cumbersome self-project. The mascot to resolve this issue is to throw a party or even better, a House Party! House parties are trending these days and the fast acceptance of this phenomenon credits to the fact that it allows you to mingle, reconnect and have fun, all in the breathing space you call home, which can turn out to be a hit, if planned right. Here are some tips to plan that uber cool party that will make you the talk of the town.


Planning is always a good way to start any activity, it can help you to get an idea as to how you should go about things. Pre-planning can avoid unnecessary last minute stress and frantic running around for things. The points you need to focus on while planning are:
  • Theme of the party
  • Guestlist
  • Menu
  • Supplies needed for all the activities
  • The playlist; fixed beforehand

De-clutter :

Once you have planned all your party essentials the next step is to de-clutter. De-clutter your living space by moving the unnecessary items that clutter the space, try to make as much space as possible so that there is enough moving space for the guest to go about without bumping into things.
  • Tidy the house properly, especially the bathrooms
  • Keep away any personal items that you might not like to share
  • Designate separate places or corners for different activities

Decorate :

Decorate the house according to the theme, especially focus on the entrance as that is the first place that the guests see when they first arrive. Taking your theme based decor outside will excite your guests and get them in the mood.


It plays a very important role in setting the mood of a party. Set the right type of lights according to theme of the party. If you’re having a Diwali party, light the house using the diyas and candles to go with the decor. LED lights can do the magic if you’re trying to create a sort of romantic atmosphere. You can also try colored lights to create a happening ambience.

Also don’t forget to spritz some room freshener or light up that candle that will give your house a heartwarming and soothing aroma.

Do focus on the dining room table as it is the centripetal force of the party, holding all the snacks and drinks. Make sure that your table looks attractive and fits the theme. Put up a nice table cover, plates, cutlery, runners, napkins, etc., to make it more welcoming and to bring out the beauty, as well.

Keep a check:

Make sure that you attend your guests when they first arrive, greet them, offer them a food and drinks. Remember to introduce each among others, so that none of your guests end up feeling out of place. Also don’t get stuck in the kitchen during the whole course of the party fretting about trivial things, a good host is the one that attends their guests throughout the party.

Post party clean up:

Cleaning up your house after an epic party can be a nightmare, so be a little aware by putting up garbage bins and keep tissues in handy. Also inform your maid or a cleaning service beforehand, to help you with the aftermath of an entourage that have had fun.

Allow these tips here, to help you organize and throw a memorable party that will be remembered for long.