Surya Green View

Estate Recreations and Comforts
Location: Surya Green View, Near L P Savani School, Canal Road, Vesu, Surat.

A vertical garden and a play area with a dome-foundation for Double height elevated Clubhouse with convincing facilities like Jacuzzi, steam with a Sports Zone including, Air Hockey, Table Tennis and Reception with Pantry is yours before even wishing for it! Also, a peculiar banquet hall for worldly and traditional celebrations is within your easy reach inside the campus and matches the swank of the construction. Not to forget a nourished nursery with Swings, Slides, Gazebo and Soft Grass Carpet with In-House Joggers Trek is a delight to fitness freaks!

The grand open-campus located near L.P.Savani school, Canal Road, Vesu consisting of elevated double-entry gateways widening towards both-sided roads not forgetting the separate parking shed accompanied with exclusive in-campus flooring marks the elegant external infrastructure.